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The County of Chase, Kansas will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, April 5, 2023 at 7:00 pm in the Swope Park Community Building located at 1715 210 Road, Cottonwood Falls, Kansas for the purpose of considering an application to be submitted to the Kansas Department of Commerce for Small Cities Community Development Block Grant funds under the Community Facility category for a proposed 10,200 SF Fire Station to be located in Strong City, Kansas. Location for the station has not been determined yet.

A specific application to be discussed will be the Fire Station located in Strong City to serve as the first responder area consisting of the following items: 1 LS mobilization, 1 LS erosion control, BUILDING STRUCTURE AND CORE SYSTEMS:  10,200 SF standard foundation, 10,200 SF slab on grade, 10,200 SF footings/foundation excavation, 10,200 SF construction/building massing (Pre-Engineered Metal Building-PEMB), 510 SF roof edge flashing, 80 LF corner flashing, 340 LF gutter, eave type, 160 LF downspouts, rectangular, 10,200 SF insulation of roof, 10,200 SF insulation of walls, 10 Openings framing for MEP Openings Allowance, 18 Openings framing for openings, 4 EA exterior doors, complete assembly, 2,520 SF exterior overhead doors, complete assembly, 180 SF exterior window systems, fixed;

INTERIOR BUILD-OUT: 500 SF deck system and assembly for mezzanine, 1 LS stair assembly allowance, 1,200 SF partitions-conditioned area, 6 EA interior doors-conditioned area, 1,200 SF wall finishes-conditioned area, 1,200 SF floor finishes-conditioned area, and 1,200 SF Ceiling finishes-conditioned area. Storm Shelter Upgrade 85 SF area cost increase allowance, Equipment and funishings-10,200 SF furnishings allowance, MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING: 10,200 SF plumbing, 10,200 SF HVAC, and 10,200 SF electrical. BUILDING SITEWORK:  1 LS site preparation allowance/earthwork,  100 LF water service line, 100 LF sanitary sewer service line, 2,306 SY pavement allowance (2- 140 x 60 aprons plus parking), and 71 SF sidewalk allowance.

The estimated project cost is $1,996,579.00 with a grant request for $600,000 of the project cost.  Other project proposals introduced at the hearing will be considered.  Oral and written comments will be recorded and become a part of the Chase County’s CDBG Citizen Participation Plan.

Reasonable accommodation will be made available to persons with disabilities.  Request should be submitted to Connie Pretzer, County Clerk, or Tiffany Harshman, Deputy County Clerk by March 31, 2023.