EMS Director

Scott Harris


Regular Business Hours

7 am - 4 pm - Monday through Friday except for county designated holidays & subject to the Director's availability.

EMS Office Location
301 S. Walnut St, EMS Bldg
Cottonwood Falls, KS, 66845
Mailing Address
PO Box 568
Cottonwood Falls, KS 66845

In the event of an emergency - Please DO NOT call the office, Call 911

Chase County EMS is a 24 / 7 state certified, Medicare approved, 911 Dispatched Basic Life Support EMS agency with Advanced Life Support mutual aid capabilities.  It is comprised of one full time staff member and supported by paid volunteers that are scheduled on-call / call out time.

EMT & EMR new Employees

Chase County EMS is seeking persons interested in providing a critical service to the county in the EMS field.  Current openings are for part time, scheduled on-call.  If interested, please contact the EMS Director.  Programs are available for those not EMS certified to assist with arranging and paying for the training, thru an accredited EMT or EMR class.  Registered Nurses holding a valid RN license in Kansas are not required to be EMS certified, but must become familiar with department's Medical and Operational protocols.

Current costs for EMS provided services

Health insurance companies are billed directly by the agency
911 Dispatched Ambulance Transports: Base fee =$555.00 plus $12.50 per loaded mile.  (There is no mileage fee for responding to a scene, mileage fees are only charged for transport) 

Extra personal rate or extended scene time = $45.00     *Other costs may be applied due to the nature of the response / patient's condition.

Event Stand-By: $45.00 per hour for 1 ambulance and 2 certified attendants on site. (The service respectfully requests 1 month advance notice for scheduling purposes)

EMS Speaker: Chase County EMS will provide a speaker to any group within the county to discuss EMS within Chase County and EMS careers at no cost.

Special announcement

Due to COVID-19 = CCEMS is following CDC recommended practices for EMS agencies to include:

A: Limiting EMS personal entering residences; initially to one technician during the initial triage of the patient.

B: Requiring all EMS staff to wear masks, gloves and eye protection and other personal protection equipment as determined by available information, on all responses.

C: Requiring all patients to wear a mask, during transport.

D: Special cleaning procedures following each response.

E: Not allowing family member's to ride with the patient in the ambulance, except for pediatric patients.  When a family member is allowed to ride with the patient, they must be:

  1. Parent or Legal Guardian
  2. Wear a mask
  3. Free of all COVID Symptoms.